Leopard Gecko Type Probably You Never Heard Of.

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Leopard Geckos are the most popular lizard in the world. They can be found in a variety of colors and sizes, from small to huge, and they live in a wide range of habitats. There is a leopard gecko type that could be very rare that probably you have never heard of. This post will describe different types of leopard gecko morphs and will tell you what the rarest type of leopard gecko morph is.

What is the rarest type of leopard gecko?

What colors do leopard geckos come in? The leopard gecko morph color list is surprisingly expansive, and they come in all shades. 

Given the wide variety of leopard gecko morphs, we will discuss each and help answer common questions like; What is the rarest leopard gecko morph? , What leopard gecko morphs have issues? And What is the prettiest leopard gecko?

Some of these leopard gecko morphs are only available from specialized breeders. Breeding is the process of creating a new species by mating two animals. One of the critical steps in breeding is choosing a good breeder.

That means that some of the rarest leopard gecko morphs are either not popular enough or not known enough for any breeder to sell them. Below we discuss individually each leopard gecko type that we consider rare, that many people might have not heard of.

Heard of Black Night Leopard Gecko Type?

The Black Night Leopard Gecko is a rare black leopard gecko morph, a true hypermelanistic leopard gecko. A fully grown Black night leopard gecko weighs 75-150 grams at maturity.

They can easily be recognized because of their solid black color with some rare spotting and white bellies. However, many are also solid black.

Black night leopard gecko type is one of the prettiest leopard geckos bred for its color.  This explains why black night leopard geckos for sale are so expensive and rare, ranging from $1,100 to  $3,500. You’re probably not surprised to learn that it takes breeders years of trial and error to create this type of gecko.

Albino Leopard Gecko Type

Is this a white leopard gecko? 

The lack of a black pigment results in albino leopard gecko types. Albino leopard geckos are more light-sensitive in comparison to other types.

We have 3 types of Albino Leopard Geckos;

  • Tremper Albino,
  • Rainwater Albino, and 
  • Bell Albino

Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko

Leopard gecko type never heard of
Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko

Ron Tremper discovered the Tremper Albinos, as the oldest leopard gecko morphs to be discovered in 1996. This strain of Albino leopard gecko is also known as Texas strain Albino geckos and comes in various colors, including dark browns to pinks and light yellows.

The Tremper Albino eyes are typically a silver color with red veins.

Rainwater Albino Leopard Gecko

Rainwater Albinos are the brightest strain among Albino Leopard Geckos. They exhibit colors of vibrant hues, including bright yellow, orange, and lavender. 

Tim Rainwater discovered the Rainwater Albino, also called Las Vegas Albinos, in 1998. Compared to the other two types of Albino Leopard geckos, they are smaller in size and have the darkest eyes.

Bell Albino Leopard Gecko Type

The Bell Albino, also called the Florida Albino, makes the latest discovery of the three Albino Leopard Geckos.

Their light pink-colored eyes with blue lids make it easier for their differentiation from the other two strains of Albion Leopard Geckos.  Bell Albino bodies tend to have brown spots with general lavender color. 

Mack Snow Leopard Gecko Type

A Mack Snow Leopard Gecko is one of the most popular pets and is one of the few leopard gecko species with eyelids. This gecko is found in many different colors pattern combinations and is simply a cute leopard gecko.

Leopard Gecko type never heard of
Mack Snow Leopard Gecko

The Mack Snow Leopard Geckos are either white or pale yellow with black bands/spots, and they tend to darken with age. 

A Mack Snow Leopard Gecko is a docile, long-lived pet with good handling and an excellent choice for any beginner interested in reptiles.

Tangerine Leopard Gecko Type

This is not to answer “what fruit do leopard geckos like?”; tangerine leopard gecko morphs exist, and they have orange to dark orange patches with brown spots and unique tail patterns. However, a super hypo tangerine leopard gecko has no spots on its body, and its tail is pale in contrast to the rest of the body. 

Leopard Gecko you have never heard of
Tangerine Leopard Gecko Type

A Full grown tangerine leopard gecko can grow into a full adult size of about 6 to 7 inches in 18 months of age. Tangerine leopard gecko lifespan has been up to 30 years in captivity.   

Blizzard Leopard Gecko Type

The Blizzard Leopard geckos are an interesting morph variation with a single uniform coloring throughout their body. Blizzard morphs are typical of white or yellow color. However, a darker color morph variation called midnight blizzard leopard gecko is also common.

Leopard gecko type never heard of
Blizzard Leopard Gecko

Breeding a blizzard leopard gecko morph with an albino leopard gecko produces a morph called blazing blizzard leopard gecko. 

A full grown blizzard leopard gecko measures between 6 to 10 inches. 

Giant Leopard Gecko Type

Typically, breeders breed a giant or super giant leopard gecko for their size, often 2 inches bigger than other morphs.

How can you tell if you have a giant leopard gecko? Here we are looking at giant leopard gecko size in the ranges of 12 inches long with a weight of 130 – 170 grams.  

The super giant leopard gecko sale at about $110 – $275. 

Raptor Leopard Gecko Type

The plain orange bodies with solid red eyes make RAPTOR ( Red-eye Albino Patternless Tremper Orange) leopard gecko unique.

Ron Tremper developed raptor leopard gecko morph in 2004. 

Many other morphs can be developed for the raptor leopard gecko, such as the super raptor leopard gecko, which has traits from 4 different genes:

  • Eclipse Leopard gecko
  • Tremper Albino Leopard gecko
  • Super Snow leopard gecko
  • Patternless Stripe leopard gecko 

Enigma Leopard Gecko Type

From the word go, this is not a healthy leopard gecko. If you were to ask, What leopard gecko morphs have issues? Enigma Leopard Gecko could top the list. 

Enigma leopard gecko morphs are a result of breeding leopard geckos in captivity. However, crossbreeding has led to a rise in enigma syndrome that unfortunately has no cure. 

What is Enigma syndrome in leopard geckos?

Enigma syndrome is a neurological disorder of the brain that affects the balance and position sense of leopard geckos. Irresponsible breeding of leopard geckos and faulty genetics are the primary causes of enigma syndrome. An Enigma leopard gecko is therefore not a recommended purchase.

Some of the common symptoms of enigma syndrome include;

  • leopard gecko death roll
  • seizures
  • head tilting
  • star gazing
  • walking in circles, and 
  • general inability to catch prey that is obviously within reach.

Leopard geckos with enigma syndrome can live up to 10 years. However, they will need extra care and attention in their entire lifetime. 

What is a fancy leopard gecko?

Fancy is a name you might have heard used to refer to a leopard gecko type that is not a wild leopard gecko. This means that the leopard gecko is a morph that has been produced by leopard gecko breeders and sold in reptile pet stores.


Could have your search for the leopard gecko types probably you never heard of led you to what is the prettiest leopard gecko? We would be glad if it did.

Responsibly produced morphs are only available from specialized breeders. A good breeder will understand the genetics of the morphs and is better equipped to help you pick out the right leopard gecko.

Buying a leopard gecko morph from a pet shop can be stressful and confusing. There are many different leopard gecko types, and they all look very different. A specialized breeder should be able to tell you if the leopard gecko type has any health issues or not.

It is always best to ask for a written contract and the entire breeding history of the leopard gecko before buying.

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