Why Leopard Geckos Need Misting.

Leopard Geckos Misting

Do leopard geckos need misting? Yes! Do I need to moist my leopard gecko’s cage? Yes! If you have a leopard gecko, you need to ensure that it has adequate moisture to meet its needs, and you should give short bursts of mist, either directly on its skin or in its cage.

Bearded Dragon Fat Pads

Bearded Dragon Fat Pads

Bearded dragon fat pads are essential fat stores that look like small pockets on a bearded dragon’s head behind the eye sockets, chin, belly, and tail. The fat pads appear to be sufficiently filled and slightly rounded in a healthy bearded dragon lizard. On the other hand, an unhealthy lizard will be seemingly a bearded dragon with no fat pads or sunken fat pads.

Do Reptiles Get Lonely?

Do Reptiles Get Lonely in a Cage

Humans have always chosen the best companion pets for ages as fun new family members. The pets often hang out with family members and freely roam in the home. However, most reptiles are often restricted in small, poorly designed, and carelessly maintained enclosures. Most of them may become withdrawn, passive, and not much fun to be around, making most reptile enthusiasts wonder: Do reptiles get lonely? Do reptiles have feelings for their owners? Do Reptiles Feel Emotions?