What animals can live with a leopard gecko?

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Do leopard geckos need a companion? If yes, What animals can live with a leopard gecko? Should you bring a tank mate home? Just like human beings, a leopard gecko is social and can live with other animals. However, your leopard gecko pet will not be lonely in the absence of a tank mate, it can thrive better by itself.

Best Leopard gecko tank mates

Let’s agree; it is quite tempting to house your leopard gecko to live with other animals even though they can do just fine by themselves. Turtles chelonians and Frogs can co-exist happily with your leopard gecko when conditions are right. We have listed the criteria for adding other animals to your leopard gecko tank:


Can leopard geckos live with turtles? Yes. When considering what can share a tank with a leopard gecko, turtles are a good option.

Turtles are friendly. They can easily live in the same environmental conditions as those of your leopard gecko.

Turtle with Leopard Gecko

Turtle gender can be identified easily for better decision-making during purchase.  The males have long tails and a  rectal opening located near the tail end. On the other hand, the females have their rectal opening near their shell and are much shorter in length.

The good news with female turtles is that they can lay eggs without a male.  Their diet should comprise more vegetables than proteins.  With a little budget, you will be able to take care of your turtle diet seamlessly.

The downside with turtle pets is that they need a massive space to exist comfortably. You will also require a water filter since the animals eat and defecate in the habitant.

Can Leopard Geckos be Kept with Frogs?

Poison Dart Frog.
Poison Dart Frog.

If you want to keep your gecko with a friend, frogs are a good option. They have a wonderful relationship with each other and will get along very well.

Check out here Which Frogs Are Best For Beginners. 

There are a wide variety of frogs with different characteristics to choose from. But some frogs will not be compatible with other species of lizards and other animals. So, it’s important to do your homework before going to the store to buy the perfect frog for your tank.

 Some of the best things to do include finding a diurnal frog, which is awake during the day and sleeping at night. A good example is the poison dart frogs. It’s the opposite of most leopard geckos, which primarily hide at night and come out in the daytime. The idea is that the two don’t meet often, so it’s less likely for them to encounter each other.

While the majority of frogs are non-toxic, you should be careful to avoid bringing home the wrong kind of frog. Some frogs are toxic to other reptiles and will not be suitable as tank mates.

Mixing the leopard geckos and the frogs together requires the right combination of frogs. Make sure to purchase a small-sized frog from a reputable breeder. These frogs won’t get too big and start eating your leopard geckos.

Can a Leopard Gecko share a shade with a Lizard?


Unfortunately No.

The first thing we should know is that leopard geckos and lizards are not very good friends. They can live in the same area, but it is not recommended to put them together. The main reason is that they are very aggressive towards each other and they could attack and even kill each other. 

The most similar thing we can say about them is that they both are reptiles. But it’s not enough to force them to stay in the same tank.

Can a Leopard Gecko share a home with Iguana?


You must never have iguanas and geckos together.

They just should be kept in separate habitats or possibly even in different rooms if they have to be in the same area because iguanas have been known to eat geckos in the wild. People who have had the pets mixed said iguanas eat geckos that were put in their habitat.

Sometimes beginner owners who aren’t sure enough about the two reptiles’ relationships fail to ask the proper questions and seek information. This leads to their gecko being eaten. The best way to avoid getting your pet lizard killed by another pet lizard is to stick to species within their own subfamily.

That way they are going to get along pretty well, and the chances of them fighting each other are going to be greatly reduced.

Can a Leopard Gecko share a tank with Bearded dragons?

Bearded Dragon
Bearded Dragon.

 Bearded dragons are calm pets. They are attention-seeking and curious animals.

Perhaps the essential characteristic of a  bearded dragon is its color-changing nature. Like other chromatophores, bearded dragons contain cells that reflect light and give them the ability to change color as they move around their environment.

This feature may tempt beginner keepers to bring them home to spice up the Leopard gecko tank.

Leopard geckos and bearded dragons don’t get along, unfortunately. First, leopard geckos are much smaller than bearded dragons, and if not watched closely, they may easily make a meal for the bearded dragons.

Additionally, they also require different housing and lighting conditions to that of bearded dragons. Therefore, they can’t be kept together in the same enclosure.

 How to safely introduce your new pet animals to live with your Leopard gecko

Leopard geckos are one of the best reptiles pets for beginners. Their friendly and calm nature dictates that they will easily mingle with other creatures. However,  it is not always easy to spark friendships; there are several mistakes that pet owners make when introducing their new pet animals to live with their leopard gecko. We have listed  some factors that can help you avoid disaster:

Ensure proper health

Reptile pet experts recommend that you quarantine your new reptile for at least a month before adding your leopard gecko habitat. The reason for this is to ensure that the new pet is free of infections to prevent transmission to your leopard gecko.

It is common for reptile pets to develop an infection when introduced to a new habitat or under stress. Keeping your new pet separate for a month will ensure that you get over it. 

Don’t add a new species.

When adding new animals to your leopard gecko tank, ensure that they are of the same species. Different reptile species have different temperature, humidity, and light requirements.  It will be easier for you to keep one species of reptiles in the same tank.

Additionally, Having different reptiles species may create room for conflict between each other, especially when trying to create dominance.

Prepare to spend more.

With an increased number of pets, you will have to incur more expenses for food, care, and more. Your reptile tank will require more lighting and heating accessories, which, without doubt, costs more.

Your pets require veterinary care now and then. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that you have enough resources for pet care.

Learn about pet personalities

Reptiles are one of the smartest pets. They interact well with each other.  It would be best if you took the time to study your new pet’s personality to know how best it will interact with your leopard gecko.

You will have to monitor the interaction between the two animals sometimes to ensure the utmost transition. Remember, just like human beings, some reptiles can be introverted while the rest are extroverted.

 Should male and female geckos be housed together?

 Male and female leopard geckos spend time together when necessary. It is easy to notice the closeness between the male and female leopard geckos during the mating period.

Female and male geckos can live happily. Here are the  Criteria for housing male and female geckos:

Pairing and grouping

 A male and female leopard gecko can exist peacefully in a tank. A group of females can live together with one male when adequate space and care is available. A group of geckos comprises five females and one male. Surprisingly several female leopard geckoes can live together with one male, but several males can never exist with a single female.  Males geckos will always fight over territories.


A group of geckos housed together should be of the same size and weight. The reason for this is to try and limit conflicts between the pets. Small geckos are prone to bullying fr4om the larger ones, especially during feeding.

Habitant size

What is the best tank size for your leopard gecko? Space is vital when you intend to keep several leopard geckos in the same tank. You need to ensure that there is enough space for each pet to walk around freely.  The amount of space that you need will depend on the species you intend to house together. You will have to invest in a tank that is about 20 gallons for a single crested gecko.  On the other hand, two leopard geckos can live comfortably in a 20-gallon tank. With five house geckos, you only need a 30 gallons tank.

 A large space is better for your pets. It is the best way to prevent unnecessary competition during meals and illnesses due to overcrowding.


Breeding will occur when you keep male and female leopard geckos together.  The same will happen when a group of female geckos is housed together with a male leopard gecko.  The eggs laid by the female have to be removed often and be kept in a safe and clean place for hatching to take place.   It is worth noting that female geckos do not sit on the eggs nor care for their young ones.

 After hatching has taken place, you will have to place the babies in a new tank and provide proper nutrition and lighting for their growth.

 Can the leopard gecko live alone?

Leopard Gecko

The leopard gecko is generally a solitary pet. Leopard geckos can thrive alone, live as a group, or with a single female or male. 

Summing up

So, can geckos live with other animals? Do leopard geckos get along with other reptiles? Yes. Reptiles are generally solitary creatures and don’t require the company of other animals to survive. However, if you’re considering adding a second pet, think about what type of relationship you want your new companion to have with your current one.

Other than answering; What animals can live with a leopard gecko? Keeping two male geckos in the same tank is not a good idea as they will fight. 

Medium-aged males and female leopard geckos should be separated to avoid breeding before the time is right. ( A female leopard geckos should be about 60  grams for breeding to take place)

It is not advisable to have geckos of different sizes in the same habitat; the younger ones are likely to be bullied.

Leopard geckos thrive better in a large habitat.

We hope this article helped you bring the best leopard companion home.

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