How to Conceal Pets From Your Landlord: A Comprehensive Guide

How to hide a cat from the landlord.

Exploring new cities can be an incredibly exciting process. From the bold, bustling streets to the hidden gems sprinkled across the landscape, each city has something unique to offer. But one thing is always a challenge; finding a place to live. Especially when you need to conceal your pet from the landlord. Finding a way … Read more

Can Leopard Gecko Eat Earthworms?

Leopard geckos are commonly kept as pets and are known for their unique appearance and easy upkeep. They are a great pet for many people, but some may not realize that they can have a quite unique diet. Leopard geckos boldly enjoy eating earthworms, which can be a great part of their diet. Earthworms provide … Read more

Why Leopard Geckos Need Misting.

Leopard Geckos Misting

Do leopard geckos need misting? Yes! Do I need to moist my leopard gecko’s cage? Yes! If you have a leopard gecko, you need to ensure that it has adequate moisture to meet its needs, and you should give short bursts of mist, either directly on its skin or in its cage.

Bearded Dragon Fat Pads

Bearded Dragon Fat Pads

Bearded dragon fat pads are essential fat stores that look like small pockets on a bearded dragon’s head behind the eye sockets, chin, belly, and tail. The fat pads appear to be sufficiently filled and slightly rounded in a healthy bearded dragon lizard. On the other hand, an unhealthy lizard will be seemingly a bearded dragon with no fat pads or sunken fat pads.