Dead Leopard Gecko

What do you do with dead Leopard geckos?

In the inevitable occurrence of the death of pet Leopard Gecko, most owners are often overwhelmed. The grief and confusion of losing a pet friend make planning and offering a ...
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Leopard Gecko Bite

Why does my leopard gecko try to bite me?

A leopard gecko's bite is not necessarily intended to hurt you. Leopard geckos are very curious, and when they see something new, they want to investigate. They are very playful, ...
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Leopard Gecko Handling

Do geckos like to be touched?

If handled properly, leopard geckos enjoy being played with. However, many novice owners get a hard time interpreting their behaviors when trying to pet them. Some of the top questions ...
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Male and Female Leopard Geckos

Should I get a male or female leopard gecko?

I'm getting a leopard gecko and want to know what you think is the best gender. Should I get a male or female leopard gecko for a pet? This is ...
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Bearded Dragon Injection

Can Bearded Dragon get sick from Humans?

Can Bearded Dragon get sick from Humans? Sick beardies can look pretty bad. Therefore it is crucial to be able to tell whether your bearded dragon is ill or not ...
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Bearded Dragon Brumation

What do I do when my bearded dragon is in brumation? 

A hibernation-like state in the bearded dragon is called brumation, and it occurs naturally in many reptiles in the wild during the winter months. This brumation state is characterized by ...
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What do bearded dragons like in their tank?

If you have a bearded dragon or other reptiles as pets, you'll likely want to decorate its habitat for enhanced comfort. Bit first, what do bearded dragons like in their ...
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Heat Lamp

How long can a leopard gecko go without a heat lamp?

How long can your Leopard Gecko survive without a heat lamp? Your Leopard Gecko may be able to survive up to one month without heat, provided the temperatures are within ...
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Bearded Dragon Transporting.

How to transport a Bearded Dragon

If you are transporting a bearded dragon, would you like to know how to do it safely? If you are buying a bearded dragon, you need to know that a ...
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